Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bad Art Anyone??

One day on my conquest to find the meaning of good art, I stumbled upon a website of a museum which has dedicated itself to bad art. Their tag line said 'Art too bad to be ignored'....mmm well the last place you want your work to be displayed at. But on the second thought the idea was really amusing. I was psyched with the idea that this museum was a actually working towards the collection, preservation and celebration of bad art. The whole collection of 'bad art' was divided into 4 sections: portraits, landscapes, unseen forces and recent acquisitions. The museum MOBA has almost 400 pieces to their collection and they invite people to write very critical reviews about the works. But I think the most amusing part was the process how MOBA acquires the work. They usually ask people to donate bad art, but most of their prize paintings come from the local trash bins. This Massachusetts based museum takes great pride in bringing bad art to a wider audience, by organising shows world wide. 
One man's trash is another man's treasure, are the very words MOBA lives by.

One of my favorites from the portrait gallery is 'Mama and babe'. The grotesqueness of the painting is very evident with the jarring use of colours and the unmistakable missing hand. Now that's what I call bad art.

Visit their online gallery at


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  2. This is amazing. I am going to follow your blog and you can't stop me. Oh wait, maybe you can, but I can still draw some bad art. I like your blog, very thought provoking indeed! Thanks for letting me stalk your blog. Have a pleasant and profitable week ahead! From "Mrs. Slug"

  3. Thanks Babbler and Bali...keep swinging by....Ruchi